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life lately: the move

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Hey there!

Whoa. Just whoa. How is it already May? April went by SO quickly. I kept myself ridiculously busy between work, the VB Outlet Sale, birthday funtivities and various social activities. The end of the month was particularly crazy, as I geared up for my big move. Some of you may have known I was moving, but I hadn't overtly shared why on my blog. This past weekend Brian and I moved in together! I'm so excited to finally share that, since it's been such a big part of my time for several weeks. We've been planning it for several months, actually, and I can't believe it's finally here.

The part that most of you don't know is that we weren't planning to do an apartment. We actually went house hunting back in February and March. We actually found a house we loved the day it was listed and put an offer on it. There was some back and forth due to multiple offers, but ultimately, we got it! I was so stressed out when Brian told me because there was SO MUCH TO DO. After a few days, I calmed down and started to get really excited about decorating and having more entertaining space. I loved the idea of having a patio to grill out on and have friends over. We would have an office, garage and a yard. We picked paint colors and even sketched out each of the rooms and how we planned to arrange furniture. We started to pick up a few small things as we found good deals โ€” a rug, bookcase and even a TV stand. In mid-March while I was at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my sister's 30th birthday, we had our inspection. Brian called me, really concerned about all the electrical issues. It seems that the sellers had tried to play Bob The Builder and make electrical updates themselves (and had no idea how). Long story short, after a second inspection with an electrician and a lot of back and forth with the sellers, they decided to walk. No house for us. I was pretty upset, which is funny in a way since Brian had to talk me into a house in the first place.

Our leases were coming to an end, so the most logical move for us was to stay in apartments and find a two bedroom. I was upset at first, since I had all those hopes for a backyard and patio to grill on, but ultimately, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'm sure there was a reason we didn't get that house. There could have been a wealth of issues that didn't show up in the inspection. We stayed in my apartment complex and just hopped one building over. The move was relatively easy, minus the rain, and we didn't even have to rent a moving truck. We hustled over the weekend to build our new furniture and start to decorate. It was exhausting, but it's really starting to look great. It's our first place together, and the first place I've ever lived with someone like this. It's not a house, but it's still our space together. I'm so happy in a way I never thought I would be.

I don't have a lot of pictures yet since we're still piecing the place together, but here is a little sneak peek.

The picture on the mantle is actually from our first date. It was trivia night at a local brewery that we regularly attend now. Each week at trivia, they take pictures of all the teams. Even though it's awkward and we're sitting feet apart, we will forever have a picture from our first date, which is pretty neat.

Once the apartment gets pulled together, I will definitely share the final outcome and any projects we work on!

Have you ever house-hunted? Did you run into any issues or letdowns? More importantly, if you have advice about cohabitation, sound off below!

Until next time โ€”