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feeling green

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Hello there!

Guys, it's Friday — but not just any Friday, it's my last full-day Friday at work until after Labor Day! We have "flex Fridays" from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend and can leave at noon if we get our hours in. I'm a big fan of this since I don't live close to family and friends, and it makes travel A LOT easier in the summer. Or if I have no plans, I can get a few prime hours at my apartment complex's pool to get my tan (more like cherry-red-burn) on.

Last weekend I visited my friend Katie in Chicago. She told me to pack clothes I'd want to get pictures of since she had just bought her brand new camera and wanted to test it out. We found the cutest little neighborhood in Lincoln Park to capture my style for the day — and I have to say, I am just SO obsessed with everything about these. I absolutely love my new casual shirt dress from J. Crew Factory. I will definitely be wearing this ALL summer long since it's so damn comfy! Black and gold accessories completed my outfit, with the perfect tassel earrings as my statement piece. Oh, and you'll want these earrings too since they're under $15!