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5 must have spring dresses

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Hi friends!  Happy Saturday!  My birthday was one week ago today– and I have to say, being 23 isn't so bad. This past week was actually pretty damn good.  Work went well, the weather has been fantastic, and I even got to go to the terrace last Sunday.  And the icing on the cake?  Target is selling Cheesecake Brownie Ben & Jerry's again.  It's been like, several years since I've been able to find it.  I went in looking for my Limited Edition Peanut Butter Half Baked and found the ever elusive Cheesecake Brownie.  I naturally bought both.  The universe is really rooting for me this week.

With yesterday's weather being truly hot outside (not just warm), I thought it was the perfect time to chat about spring dresses.  I am truly a dress advocate– and not just because I'm a dresses merchant.  I've always been a big dress fan, wearing all kinds of styles, all four seasons of the year.  I truly believe there is a dress out there for every woman, it's just a matter of finding the right fit and style for your body and taste.  A true girly-girl at heart, I have too many dresses to count– but you don't need a closet full of dresses to have a dress for every spring occasion.  There are 5 key silhouettes that I define as must-have dresses for your spring wardrobe.  These 5 silhouettes will really cover all your spring dressing occasions!

1. The Sheath

Click image for product pages

Click image for product pages

The sheath is a timeless, classic silhouette that is ultra flattering.  It creates an hourglass shape by accentuating the smallest part of your waistline, fitting close to the body through the hip.  The sheath is often very refined, perfect for your dressier occasions (i.e. weddings, graduation, Mother's Day, etc.).  Although many are woven (which can be more restrictive), there are many knit options that are super comfortable and stretchy, but still dressy enough for your formal occasions.  Lands' End's Ponte Sheath is incredibly comfortable (I know this, because I own four), and has pockets!

2. The Aline

Speaking of flattering silhouettes, the aline dress is universally flattering across all body types.  It, like the sheath, emphasizes the smallest part of your waist, while creating that coveted hourglass figure with a full skirt.  The aline also errs on the refined side, great for your big occasions– but can easily be worn with sandals for a more casual style.  As someone with bigger hips, I love the aline style, because it shows off my trimmer waist, and flows away from my hips.

3. The Shirtdress

The Shirtdress is an easy, casual dress that can easily go from work to play with just a simple shoe change. Shirtdresses come in a variety of silhouettes and sleeve variations.  They can read preppy, edgy, or full-on feminine depending on your styling, making this dress one of the most versatile in your closet.

4. The Maxi Dress

For the days you're wanting a little more leg coverage (perhaps you didn't have time to shave your legs? We all know how that goes...), the maxi is your go-to.  Pretty, flowy, and feminine– the maxi dress is the perfect dress to transition you from spring to summer.  It's really a statement piece, so accessories are minimal– it's very much a throw-it-on-and-go type of dress.

5. The Shift

The epitome of casual, this waist-less dress just screams simplicity.  The shift works as the perfect weekend dress, complete with a bucket bag, sunglasses, and a hat to cover your bedhead.  It's an easy silhouette, straight through the waist and hip that is great for showing off your legs in the warm weather.  I personally love the shift dress with a pair of sneakers for a sportier style.  Although a casual dress, don't rule out the shift from formal events.  A shift dress, such as the Modcloth one above, works for more refined occasions, with just a simple necklace and strappy sandals.

How many of the must haves do you have?  Are you covered?  Or do you need to go out to the mall?  Luckily, there are some good sales this weekend (hello, 40% everything at LOFT!), so you can snag a good deal.  As for me?  I'm still on my no-shopping freeze for another 2 weeks!  Wish me luck!

Until next time–


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Oh hi there!  Birthday weekend was definitely a success!  It was the first year I haven't seen my family on my actual birthday– but my friends definitely made me feel extra special, making it a birthday to remember!  On Friday night, I went out to dinner at The Old Fashioned with my roommate Lauren, and our friend Makenzie.  It was pretty low key, but really fun.  On Saturday (my actual birthday), I got lunch with Lauren at Panera, and then watched a couple episodes of How I Met Your Mother (I'm addicted).  I was naturally wearing the long-awaited Boden set and felt super fab.  Ali and I ended up driving to a tiny little town nearby to snap outfit pictures before going to dinner that night.  We found the cutest building/cheese cart to use as our setting.  We definitely had a lot of fun with it.  Afterwards, a group of us got dinner at Biaggi's.  When I say dinner, I use the term loosely.  It was more me eating an entire basket of bread and then taking my ravioli to go.  Only acceptable on my birthday...

After dinner, we went downtown to one of my favorite bars, DLUX.  After a couple of drinks, Lauren brought us to a dueling piano bar.   None of us had been there before, but it was SO much fun.  And by fun, I mean utterly embarrassing since her friend told one of the pianists it was my birthday and they had me sit up on the pianos while singing an incredibly vulgar and inappropriate song in honor of my birthday.  Yikes.  I won't be back there for awhile (at least for another few weeks)!

Sunday, the weather was gorgeous– so we finished off my birthday weekend at the Terrace with some ice cream.  A perfect weekend, indeed.  23 isn't off to a bad start. 

Okay, now I'm antsy!  Here's a few pics of my birthday outfit.  I've been drooling over this set for months and loved every second wearing it.  I felt fancy, and pretty damn grown up.  Here's to 23.

goodbye, twenty-two

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Hey there!

Yes, kids, it's time to say goodbye.  Today, I'm 23.  It's funny how every year, I look back and see how far I've come in the last 365 days.  I always have been more on the mature side for my age, so I've always felt like an adult, ever since I was 14.  But every year, I look back and see the mistakes I've made and the milestones I've accomplished.  My views have changed on being an adult for sure.  Being a "grown up" isn't an end point, but more a progression over time.  I've grown up A LOT in this past year, and I know I will the next year.  It's not to say that 22 was a bad year by any means- I actually did some cool/big things.  I switched positions at work, got a tattoo, had the best taco salad ever at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, saw Paul McCartney in concert, saw my future husband beat the Lions in freezing cold, went on some dreadfully awful/hilarious dates, adopted a cat, and made a lot of wonderful new friends.  22 was a big one for me, so here's to hoping 23 can be even better (and hopefully one of theses dates will actually be good one of these days). 

And now, for a completely unrelated fashion fix in a super cute outfit I wore while at home last weekend (and may have rewore at work yesterday)!  I seriously can't get enough of button-down shirts.  My closet is slowly being dominated by the woven top.  It's preppy, refined, and always takes a look from half way there to finished.  Since prep isn't in my roots by any means, it's hard for me to go 100% prepster all the time– so I added my denim moto to give it a little more edge.

Gap Denim Moto Jacket | LOFT Collarless Button-down (sold out online) | J. Crew Toothpick Jean  | LOFT Sunglasses | LOFT Necklace | ZooShoo Gold Sandals 

Until next time–

spring style crush: boden

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Hello friends!

The birthday is in t-minus two days, so you know I'm starting to get real antsy.  In reality, my birthday already feels half over, since I celebrated my birthday with my family last weekend.  But I'm still excited for this weekend.  Tomorrow, a few of us are getting dinner and a drink downtown after work.  On Saturday, weather pending, I'm planning to spend some time outside before going out with a bigger group that night.  

So quickly before I turn 23 and feel even more like a real adult, let's talk spring fashion.  I've been surfing the web non-stop for my favorite spring pieces over the past few months, but I have to say– the retailer that has caught my attention the most is Boden.  The quirky British retailer has been killing it with the spring staples: florals, shorts, and shoes.  My Boden wishlist is about a mile long, because they really have winners all across their assortment.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their spring assortment.

the one with the easter dress

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Hi friends!

Over the weekend I went home to celebrate my birthday early, as well as Easter, with my family.  We had a ton of fun, a lot of food, a moderate amount of alcohol, all in a little amount of time.  I opened birthday gifts from my family, which were a major home-run, per usual.  My sisters even got me a Target gift card so I can buy something from the Lilly Pulitzer x Target collection when it comes out, so it won't technically count as shopping!! 

The weather was luckily pretty beautiful, which made Easter much more enjoyable.  I was super jazzed to go to Easter mass, mostly because I love wearing Easter dresses.  My Easter dress this year is one of my favorite dresses.  It's about as girly as it gets, with a super feminine floral pattern, full aline skirt, and bow detail across the back.  Oh, and it has pockets (because what good dress doesn't?).  It's so fun and feminine, and I always wear it the week of my birthday, so it just made sense to wear it for Easter too!  This Sunday, I also tried my hand at using a hair wand for the first time (courtesy of Mom and Dad for my birthday!), and it didn't go half bad.  I'm excited that my hair is finally getting long enough that I can do more things with it!  After all, this is what my hair looked like 2 Easters ago...

Although my hair has changed, my taste in dresses and love for my fur baby has remained the same.

Okay, on to the good stuff!  


Lauren Conrad for Kohls Floral Dress | Lauren Conrad for Kohls Earrings (similar) | LOFT Sunglasses | Target Wedges (similar) | Kohls Bracelet Set

As you may have heard (from me), it's birthday week!  That means we have some more great fashion fixes coming your way!

Until next time–