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spring transitional style

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Hi friends!

Happy Friday!  Not only is it the end of the week, but we're also nearing the end of the month– which means that April is almost here!  April, naturally my favorite month in the first half of the year due to my birthday, is also the real start of spring.  March is always some weird wintry-spring mix and you never know what to expect.  April, for the most part, is pretty spring-like.  Temperatures start rising, the ground turns green again, and the sun starts to make more frequent appearances.  But, there is still a great deal of rain, overcasts, and wind to make this month still a little too chilly to wear your full on spring ensembles.  

So what's a fashionista to do when she so badly wants to wear her new spring sandals?  In March and April, you really need to go for more of a transitional look, rather than full out spring.  The best way to do this "spring trans style" without having to buy anything new is to pick some of your favorite fall/winter pieces that are pretty neutral in color and pair these back to your spring wardrobe.  It's really a game of mix and match.  Put a breezy spring top, with skinny jeans and riding boots.  Keep it basic in a chambray/denim outfit that works across all seasons, but pop the color with a fun scarf and cute tennies.  Or you can go the route I often take, and wear your favorite fall sweater with some spring-friendly light wash jeans and spring sandals.  Just make sure to mix your coverage (if you go with shorts, wear long sleeves, and vice versa), play with different fabrics, and ensure your fashion has a nod to functionality– and you'll be easy, breezy, spring trans ready!

J. Crew Factory Elbow Patch Sweater | Gap Girlfriend Jeans | LOFT Tortoise Shell Sunglasses | Target Gladiator Sandals (similar) | Target Crossbody Bag (similar)

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april no shopping challenge

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Hi friends!

Have a good weekend? Mine was great.  On Friday I went to a going away party for my friend Anna, who is moving to Texas.  This is the same Anna who helped me redesign my blog when I switched platforms.  I'm so sad she's leaving– but I'm positive you'll still hear about/from her from time to time.  Anna may pop up on here pretty soon with some of her awesome DIYs, so definitely stay tuned for that!

On Saturday, I drove back to Iowa to celebrate my oldest sister's birthday!  My parents came up and the five of us got dinner, went to ComedySportz, and got drinks at our favorite martini bar, ICONS.  It was an excellent weekend to say the least.

When I got home on Sunday, I started tracking how I was sticking to my budget for the month.  Sticking to a budget has become of heightened importance lately, since I'm moving to a new apartment in June.  I'm moving into a studio that is much more expensive than the current two bedroom that I share.  When I last lived in a studio, I could afford it, since I wasn't paying student loans yet....but now I am, and I definitely need to rework how I spend my money in order to make this work.  

After talking about this in length with my sister Mallory, I decided I need to take a break from shopping.  Yes, I said it– no shopping for Kaylee.  Mal is also going to take a break from shopping, so we can keep each other accountable.  I have more than enough clothing, so I don't need to be shopping.  It really shouldn't be that hard to not shop, in theory, right?  I feel pathetic sometimes like I have a real problem when I say it's hard not to shop– but working in the field I do, it really is.  Part of my job is to stay on top of the competition and trends in the market, which means I'm in stores and online all the time, looking at the newest lines.  It's hard not to shop when it's constantly in front of you.  But this is something I really need to do, so I'm going to stay strong– with the help of Mallory keeping me in check.  I'm going use the clothes I currently have and not shop again until at least May 1st.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll find even more creative ways to pair my wardrobe, when I'm not allowed to make new additions? 

*Update: Based on a very good question I received, I wanted to clarify that my no shopping challenge is for clothes/accessories*

I'm hoping this no shopping challenge will help me ultimately make smarter shopping decisions, while saving me a chunk of money.  Also, it will really help exercise that self control!  I'll be sure to keep you kids updated on my progress!

Think you need to take a break from shopping too?  Let's do the #noshoppingchallenge together!  We can swap tips on and keep each other accountable. 

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girlfriend jeans + boyfriend shirts

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It's Friday, guys!  I'm super excited for the weekend (as always) and to go to Iowa to celebrate my sister's birthday!  I get to see my whole family, which is always a good time.  This month is flying by and I couldn't be happier.  We're getting so close to those really warm months and I may be jumping the gun here, but my wardrobe is already reflecting it.

Now that the snow has melted, I have no problem wearing my white Vans and some cropped jeans.  I recently found my new favorite spring jean– Gap's new girlfriend jean.  Clever, eh?  I thought so.  The girlfriend jean is the slimmer sister of the boyfriend jean; perfect for those of you who thought the boyfriend jean was so cute, but maybe not for you.  Bravo, Gap, bravo.  It fits pretty straight through the hip and thigh, with just the slightest kick at the cuff.  It looked particularly cute paired with a flowy boyfriend shirt.  I naturally kept it neutral, in my go-to blues, and popped color in the slightest way with a fuchsia belt.  And of course that day the wind was ridiculous, so there was lots of laughter and hair in the face.

Gap Girlfriend Jeans | LOFT Softened Shirt | Vans Lo Pros - White | House of Harlow Sunburst Bangle | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Target Belt | Target Satchel (similar

The House of Harlow bangle was part of my most recent Rocksbox! For your first month free, use the code: pleatsandpearlsxoxo

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lazy girl's guide to spring fashion: part II

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Hi friends!

With this beautiful weather sweeping the Midwest, I'm hoping everyone else has gotten to bust out the skirts and dresses like I have!  Last week, I wore a dress or skirt everyday to work– without tights!  Not much I can really complain about here.

I love springtime, because it's really easy to look put together with minimal effort.  Believe it or not, on my laziest days, my go-to piece is a dress.  The right dress can be an entire outfit by itself, with just a few accessories to complete your ensemble.  I do know there are some ladies out there that don't consider themselves "dress girls."  They think dresses are too girly or formal for their style.  Although that can be true for some people and certain dresses, there are great casual dress options as well, that can be just as easy as jeans and a blouse. 

I personally am obsessed with my new polo dress.  It's preppy.  It's sporty.  It's oh so comfy.  But the best part?  It's just about the easiest item in my closet to create an outfit around.  I just pop the collar (I know – what kind of prepster have I become?) and slip into some tennies and call it good.  I even upped the sporty with none other than a sweater tied around my waist.  Yes, I felt like I could easily play tennis in the Hampton's, but I have to admit, it was kind of fun.  But believe me, I wouldn't get let in anyway with my Capri Sun in hand.  Just can't take me anywhere.

A special thanks to Kast for getting a special shot of me finishing my Capri Sun.   Serious business.

Lands' End Polo Dress | Vans Lo Pros - White | Charming Charlie Chevron Watch | Primark Aviators | H&M Star Wars Sweater

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